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Our artist Gem Ibrahim review on London 2020 Surviving Actors

So it was my first time attending the Surviving Actors event, after reading about it I was sold I had to be there!

It was free to attend, and with so many people from the industry there I would say that for anybody aspiring to further their career to go. I attended a few seminars and it was great to be able to hear about things actors don’t generally get to know first hand unless your lucky enough to be working with these individuals first hand. Seth Mason and Amy Raine Jackson who both hosted seminars regarding castings provided some fantastic advice and allowed us to ask our own questions which I did and answered simple questions which depending on whom you ask you would find a different answer. Equity, Mandy, Drama Schools, Headshot Photographers, Showreels Companys as well as others were there interacting with everyone and to be in a room with so many people on your journey the vibe was great. My favourite bit of the day was the opportunity to be able to perform a monologue in front of a panel of casting directors with feedback given after based on your performance. This was done supporting a fantastic cause supporting the north Enfield food bank. We purchased supplies that would be used to help people in need in exchange to perform your monologue in front of a panel which in my opinion is great. The cause was for a great deal, the opportunity was amazing and the feedback was vital. They have found something special with the Expo and seeing people from top directors of your favourite tv show, casting directors to new and experienced actors all under one roof is helping to bridge the gap between to ends of the spectrum. I left with a few books, some notes and even more drive that I am on the right journey. I look forward to what 2021 has to offer!



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